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Grilling Tip: Warm Up Smoking Chips in Charcoal Chimney

Grilling season is here for those of you who don’t grill year round. I love using smoking chips and I have hickory, mesquite, and apple chips in my arsenal for maximum grilling flavor. I find vegetables taste better when smoked so I rarely grill without chips handy. … Continue reading

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Tofurkey Italian Sausage and Rice Recipie (Vegan)

This recipe is an old favorite of mine which is quick and easy to make with Tofurkey Italian sausage, onions, and green, red, and yellow peppers. Ingredients: 1 Cup Cooked Brown Rice 2 Tofurkey Sausage Links 1/2 Cup of Mixed … Continue reading

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Here’s to Good Health

I came across a disheartening scene about a year ago while I was in the book store looking for health food related books to better balance my nutrition. I was in the healthy cookbook section when an elderly woman came … Continue reading

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