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2012 Blog Performance

My WordPress blog stats don’t look very impressive since I have been blogging in several different places, but you can find a comprehensive list of sites I blog on without looking too hard.  For those of you that read this blog, I … Continue reading

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Grilling Tip: Warm Up Smoking Chips in Charcoal Chimney

Grilling season is here for those of you who don’t grill year round. I love using smoking chips and I have hickory, mesquite, and apple chips in my arsenal for maximum grilling flavor. I find vegetables taste better when smoked so I rarely grill without chips handy. … Continue reading

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Not My Kitty

My cats are spoiled and get too much love and affection. Occasionally, another cat will come to the glass door and try to get the same, but they have all moved on understanding the two I have are a handful. … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Working Your Way Through College

This article is superfluous as this subject is touched on frequently and most of you college students are working your way through college anyway, but I would like to share my personal reasons why it was a positive experience for me. I … Continue reading

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Anythink Libraries Get Big Thumbs Up

Bookstores are a popular hangout for mobile computing types of all shapes and sizes and bookstores offer an easy location to grab a snack, surf the web, and perform your computer related tasks using the Internet, but I always prefer … Continue reading

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Eight Important Lessons Learned From One Year of Blogging

The arrival of October brings my first year of blogging with WordPress and eight valuable lessons learned which I will share with you today in no special order. 1. Blogging Is Hard Work – Articles require fit and polish and I have spent … Continue reading

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DD-WRT Powers the Home Network

I wrote about how I use pfSense as my home gateway system but that is no longer true. I have replaced pfSense with DD-WRT which uses iptables rules customized for DD-WRT and my own personal choices of configuration options which suit my home … Continue reading

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