Grilling Tip: Warm Up Smoking Chips in Charcoal Chimney

Grilling season is here for those of you who don’t grill year round. I love using smoking chips and I have hickory, mesquite, and apple chips in my arsenal for maximum grilling flavor. I find vegetables taste better when smoked so I rarely grill without chips handy.

Timing is essential when cooking with charcoal as the temperature will not stay as hot during the entire grill. Typically, you place the smoking chips alongside or on top of the charcoal inside the grill.  However, to get a fast start with smoking chips, you can place the chips in your charcoal chimney five minutes before you are ready to pour the coals into the grill. This will allow your chips to warm up so they begin smoking immediately once they are in the grill. If you place the cold chips into the grill after pouring in the charcoals without warming them up, they can take a few minutes before the smoke comes pouring out of them.

Smoking Chips Warming in Chimney

Be careful to watch the chips and remove them once they begin smoking because smoking chips can catch fire if left in the charcoal chimney for too long.

Veggies Grilling

I grill with the lid down as the instructions recommended.

Chips Adding Smoke

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