Not My Kitty

My cats are spoiled and get too much love and affection. Occasionally, another cat will come to the glass door and try to get the same, but they have all moved on understanding the two I have are a handful.  Well, all except for this one.

Meet Tar Tar, described via his tag as an “outdoor” cat, who seems to always want in.  He tries everything to get in and I can’t leave the screen door open anymore because he meows as if I forgot about him.  Trouble is, Tar Tar is not my cat.

I wish I could tell his bipedal companion that Tar Tar really is an indoor cat. Perhaps Tar Tar will stay home and get the affection he needs. I can barely use the backyard when he is around.  He tries everything to be cute and get attention. He rolls, purrs, arches, gets closer and cuter and I finally see why Garfield is perturbed by Nermal‘s excessive cuteness. It is really painful to love cats and turn him away but Tar Tar is not my cat.

Don’t you hate it when a cat that actually wants attention from a human isn’t getting any affection from his own companions?

Does it break your heart knowing this sweet kitty wants affection and can’t have it?

What should I do?

What would you do?

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