The Benefits of Working Your Way Through College

This article is superfluous as this subject is touched on frequently and most of you college students are working your way through college anyway, but I would like to share my personal reasons why it was a positive experience for me. I returned to college armed with the G.I. Bill and credits earned while performing my service duties. Since I took courses during my enlisted time, I was already accustomed to the process when I went to school part time.  So here are some great reasons to consider working while in school.

  • It is liberating to have the freedoms income provides while you are in school.  You’re experience is less limiting when you have money to spend.
  • A job can help keep your education debt lower since you wouldn’t have to finance so much.
  • You are likely to at least still have a job when you graduate and that is a huge plus in a tough economy.
  • Having a job while in school will provide you with the coveted “work experience” that employers are looking for.
  • You will also have a network of co-workers and customers partners who know of your skills and can help with your employment networking.
  • Not being a poor starving college student and never missing meals or bills can help relieve you of worry.
  • Many, if not most traditional universities make it easier than ever by tailoring subjects for the non traditional working student.  Such courses are usually provided online.
  • The added discipline of handling both a job and school will enrich you with a strong work ethic.
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