Anythink Libraries Get Big Thumbs Up

Bookstores are a popular hangout for mobile computing types of all shapes and sizes and bookstores offer an easy location to grab a snack, surf the web, and perform your computer related tasks using the Internet, but I always prefer my county library.  The Anythink library system has won numerous awards for innovation.  Anythink changes much of what I remember about public libraries of the past.  My hometown public library offered a lot of material for checkout along with a lot of services, but the spaces were cramped, the books were piled up high on drab colorless shelves, and the library atmosphere didn’t leave me wanting to hang out there.


Anythink Huron 


The modern reinvented library system encourages patrons to return by providing sizable open airy spaces allowing you to spread out and work.  Bookstores, with their smallish coffee area and sparse comfortable chairs, leave me running around searching for a spot.  To be fair, bookstores are businesses and businesses provide space for the sale of their products.  Many coffee and book shops offer Wi-Fi for customers so you can always go to the next location if your commercial location is full. Even super markets have coffee shops with Wi-Fi areas to work in so you might a find a commercial location you have not thought of.

The Anythink library has wired network jacks in addition to Wi-Fi and the facility provides power jacks in the ground close enough that you can always get plugged in, even in the densest of times.  Anythink welcomes you to be there and get your work done.  I’ve also noticed something about Anythink that I dont recall seeing in the public library when I was in grade school.  The library carries up to date computer books, both physical and in eBook form, which is a huge plus for computer enthusiasts.  I checked out a book on Perl published as recently as 2010.  I used to be disappointed that libraries didn’t carry more up to date computer books, but Anythink really delivers on what I wanted in my public library.  Keeping a current selection of books doesn’t begin and end only with computer subjects.  I noticed cooking, photography, sporting, and just about every aisle seems to have newly minted books to read.

Anythink Huron 




Anythink has other amenities such as its cafe for drinks and snacks. Surely enough, you can have some coffee with your reading material.  Fireplaces are complimented with comfortable lounge chairs where you can sit and read while you absorb the warmth of the fireplace.  The computer lab is really cool, offering a large area for computer training. The computer lab doubles as a training facility where the library offers the community classes on keeping up with technology.  The computer lab uses Mac Minis that dual boot Mac OS and Windows.  I booted to Mac OS and I arranged some music with Garageband.  Many patrons write papers on the computers taking advantage of the installed Microsoft Office suite while others use Facebook or play online games.  The library also allows patrons to check out media on DVD and music on CD ROM.  Magazines are also available for checkout.

Many counties and cities have been revamping their libraries to better support their communites.  I hope you visit yours, see what is new, and enjoy your stay.  And if you are wondering, yes, this article was written at the library.

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