Rich Strawberry Banana Vegan Smoothie

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Strawberries in Blender

I spoke previously about the joys of eating natural healthy food so herein lies one of my favorite simple and easy to make in-between-meal delights.


  • 1 Sweet Banana
  • 5 Fresh and Delicious Strawberries
  • 1 Cup Almond Milk of Preferred Flavor


Remove the strawberry stems and core from the strawberries. Peel the banana and place all ingredients into the blender. Add your favorite spices to taste– chocolate syrup, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, etc. Blend to desired smoothness. Pour smoothie into a large drinking glass. Five strawberries will make a thick drink so use less if you prefer more fluidity in your glass.


Don’t drink this smoothie yet!  Find the joy and pleasure you can derive from real unprocessed food.  Hold it up to the light and examine the smoothie closely with your eyes.  Note the drink is loaded with little bits of banana and strawberry bits. Place the glass under your nose and smell the aroma of this freshly blended drink of bliss.

Stems Removed and Banana In Blender Ready to Chop

Strawberries and Banana Ready to Blend

Now begin to slowly drink your drink. Pour some into your mouth, but don’t swallow it yet. Allow your tongue to feel the solid parts of the drink as the flow over your tongue. Allow your taste buds to note all three flavors: sweet from the banana, tart from the berries, and nutty from the milk. Let these sensations send your mind into euphoria. Enjoy a few more samples then finish it off as your desires command.

The pleasures from this drink continue long after the smoothie is down the hatch. Your stomach will thank you for filling it with the benefits of fiber. You will feel fuller and more satisfied knowing you took part of a  real food diet.

Vegan Banana Berry Smoothie Ready to Drink

Drink a Thick and Filling Vegan Smoothie

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2 Responses to Rich Strawberry Banana Vegan Smoothie

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  2. Steve says:

    That looks awesome! I bet it smells and tastes awesome, too.

    Not only is it real food, it’s mostly raw- full of life energy!

    I wonder how it would taste frozen? Will almond milk freeze okay? Maybe made into popsicles… Perfect on a hot summer day. Thank you for giving me some great ideas!

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