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I came across a disheartening scene about a year ago while I was in the book store looking for health food related books to better balance my nutrition. I was in the healthy cookbook section when an elderly woman came hurrying in to the same area. She had the most frantic and desperate look on her face. She began looking at books for cooking healthy food. About a minute later, her husband comes to the area pushing his oxygen cart. It became obvious why she was looking at health food books. The doctor gave her husband his death sentence. He needed to change his habits because the medicine couldn’t help him.

This gentleman seemed somewhat ready to go at the young age of 65. He knew he needed to change his diet for the better. He browsed many books and none of the books he reviewed seemed to go deep enough for him. Finally, he sees the Skinny Bitch series and shouts out “Now, that is what I need!” Unfortunately, the bookstore employee pointed out the book is based around a vegan diet. After the sales associate explained that he could have no animal sources in his diet, he complained that he should still be able to enjoy life, implying living meat free goes too far. He was willing to trade a few years for the continuos eating of flesh. His wife, despite the anguish I originally saw, agreed with him and found a book that allowed meat in the diet.

Even though I am a vegetarian, I am not at all advocating a meat free diet. Along with the rise in vegetarian superstars comes the rise of preachiness and I am sure you are sick of hearing it. It’s your body and your choice how to best live your life.

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It saddens me seeing so many people like the elderly man, who are convinced they are inflicting pain upon themselves if they don’t treat themselves to some type of junk food. You don’t have to give up the occasional treat to eat healthy, but many people over indulge with their favorite treats. The vegetarian universe has plenty of delicious junk food which can help satisfy those cravings so he didn’t have to fear it.

Despite having a BMI around 29, my LDL cholesterol is 113. The healthy range is 100 – 130, according to the report I received. My blood sugar levels were about as low as they can go on the report and the levels indicated no diabetes or threat from it occuring. My heart rate was 113 over 75. All other vitals were in the green, “very healthy” zone. I have no advice for anyone looking to eat their way to better health as I have always had a taste preference for simple food, choosing healthier options is easy for me to do. Some of you would call my diet tasteless or bland, but I like the taste of real natural unprocessed food. I never liked the way white bread tasted or felt on my tongue. I eat a very simple diet of fruit, veggies, beans, and grains. I did go through a 10-year-or-so phase where I ate the typical junk available in the U.S. This diet took its toll on my health and I began feeling very sick and exhausted which led me to commit to healthier choices. For the most part, I found that eating with others meant going someplace high in fat, sugar, and processing. I would go to Subway, Turley’s, or some other healthy restaurant when the decision was up to me.

What I can tell people about better eating, after seeing many reports of how the food industry engineers food for optimum pleasure, is there is no wonder why it is so hard for people to resist food.

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I hear people claim they are so addicted to food, but they mean foods high in fat, sugar, and processing. I don’t remember anyone I’ve ever known having a serious desire for raw apples or carrots, but premium ice cream, fried meats, or hot chewy cookies tend to make the list. I suppose the food industry wants their products to be as addictive as crack so you’ll buy more of it. Why not? They want to be a profitable business and increasing consumer demand really helps the mission. For the suppliers, putting ingredients in which make you lust over their food, will make you want to buy more of their food. The obesity rate is climbing for a good reason. It is simply good for business if the food service industry keeps you eating.

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